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Concepts of the facility



The museum to know about lighthouses through various aspects

It shows the commonly unseen scenes including lighthouses at night and at sunrise
with its beautiful landscape.

The museum to rouse its interest in lighthouses with joy

It helps learn about the lighthouses with a combination of various methods such as a participation type of hand-on exhibitions (experiments and models), real things, PC, and a mini theater.

The museum to understand the profound relationship between the history
of this region and the lighthouses

It shows the significance of its role by connecting the region and the life including the history of Daio Cape frightened as a rough point in the sea by sailors and how Daio-Saki lighthouses was like when the keepers preserved it.

The museum to activate this region

It consists of the three zones connecting with Daio-cho slogan “Painters’ Town” as well as the regional attraction based on a key word of cape and lighthouse.

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